FRAME 2016 -Round Up

Now that the sawdust has settled here at Chelvey Oak Farm we have had a chance to look back and reflect on the weekend that was FRAME 2016! We would like to thank everyone involved for making it a success despite the weather!

Alan and Laurie delivered their masterclasses in their own enthusiastic, passionate and engaging ways and it was great to see so many people getting involved with the practical parts too.  David Constantine from Motivation was a great asset to the weekend’s talks, so interesting to hear about his journey. Also great to hear from Xavier and Ben from the Calais Woodyard – we were all moved and inspired by what they are doing over in Calais, they have received some donations already from Timber Framing Tools who were at Frame.


Also great to hear from Rick Collins from Trillium Dell Timberworks about what is happening in the world of timber framing over in America.


I think we all agreed that they food from We Aim to Cheese was delicious as was the food on Sunday made by Rezza and Maheem. The Dusk Brothers sounded fantastic and really got into the spirit of the event.


We also want to share some feedback from some of the people who attended.

Thank you so much for making us feel so welcome at our first Frame – We really appreciate the hard work you and your team put into the event. Great food, awesome music, good company, lots of beer, inspirational talks, lots more beer –  we loved it! We are planning to be at the next event and will practise our axe throwing in the meantime.” Stuart

“Aside from the teaching aspect, the whole atmosphere was comfortable in the extreme. Perfect food, perfect beer and fantastic company. I spoke to loads of amazing and interesting folk; even to the point of chatting with the Dusk Brothers about their homemade guitars which was fascinating to me as I make my own guitars too.  Axe throwing and Trebuchet………….. who could ask for more entertaining entertainment? My wife seems to think that the cat may be in some danger now! I think Stu (boss of Goodlife joinery) has probably already bought the axe so maybe this will turn into company sport?!  My life would have been emptier for not having attended Frame 2016. Just Brilliant.” Adam

These comments are so great to hear as a lot goes into planning this event, months and months in advance. That being said as we start preparing for next year’s event, is there anything in particular you would like to see – is there anyone you know who may want to share a project they are working on? Any speakers you have seen who would be interested in doing a keynote speech at next year’s event? Please do send your ideas to

Thanks again to everyone who helped make Frame 2016 great….

Amy, Sheila and Nigel