Focus on: The Carpenters Fellowship – Rupert Newman

This month we are chatting to Rupert Newman who is on the board of Directors at The Carpenters Fellowship.  The Carpenters Fellowship is a not for profit organisation. Set up in 1998 The Carpenters’ Fellowship was formed with the aim of: promoting communication, training and sharing of knowledge amongst those interested in historic and contemporary timber framed structures.

Rupert runs Westwind Oak in North Somerset and is also the author of ‘Oak-Framed Buildings’ which is a practical book on the technique of timber-frame construction for carpenters, builders and aspiring self-builders, but also a source of inspiration to anyone who appreciates beautiful buildings. You can get a copy of the revised edition from Westwind Oak.

How did you start your career in Timber Framing?

I started working for a village carpenter at the weekends when I was 12. When I was older I got into building roofs, then repairing old roofs. This led on to working with green oak and building new roofs. That was 28 years ago!


What is the biggest challenge within the Timber Framing world?

Mainly people! Shrinkage too!

What is the most inspiring project you have worked on?

Building a bridge with a 60-foot clear span across a river and the first house I built in the Alps on the side of Lake Annacy.

Where/what is your dream home and why?

My dream home would be in Cornwall by the water. Like the one I built at Mylor Creek.



One word: WOW


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