The Oak Frame Carpentry Co Ltd CoVid-19 Policy

Tim Potts from The Oak Frame Carpentry Company has kindly shared their CoVid-19 safety policy – some useful information here.

The Oak Frame Carpentry Co Ltd CoVid-19 Policy March 2020

To provide for safe working conditions, both for ourselves, for our households and for the wider community, the following changes to our working conditions and procedures have been put into place. At the time of writing: In the case of any member of the team showing any symptoms that may be CoVid-19 infection, all work will cease, the premises will be closed down and all staff must self-isolate (including no contact with other members of their households) for 14 days. Those with no symptoms during this period may return to work. This advice may be changed of course as the current epidemic unfolds. 

Provision of PPE and sanitary products

All cloth multi-use hand- and tea-towels have been replaced with disposable paper roll. Disposable nitrile gloves are provided for first aid and for unavoidable contact with people or materials containing any contamination risk. Face masks continue to be provided and should now additionally be used if close proximity with any other person (less than 2m) is unavoidable. Hand washing facilities continue to be stocked with liquid soap which should be used in accordance with the instructions received. Alcohol steriliser is provided and replenished as necessary as personal equipment for all staff.

Working regulations

Personal behaviour 2m personal distancing is a minimum requirement and must be followed. Hands washed on arrival at work, frequently thereafter during the day, and on departure from work. In the event of coughing or sneezing, do it into your elbow or clothing and away from others. Disinfect to be doubly safe. Be vigilant for persistent coughing or other symptoms. Headache, raised temperature etc. 

Shared equipment

This applies to tools, pump truck, forklift, extension leads etc and any other shared tools or resources. These must be clearly identified. Always disinfect before and after use. All should be allocated to a single user for the longest possible duration and handed over safely and cleanly for the minimum crossover. Communal touch items Door handles and light switches to workshop, canteen, container etc These must be sprayed before and after use. Doors once open stay open for the day. General working With our large working premises, it is possible to identify a working area for your lay-up that does not bring you into close contact with any fellow carpenter. 

General working conditions

Set up stools and tool stations such that no normal activity brings you inside a 2m radius of any other person in the workshop, and ideally give yourself much more space. The greater the physical separation, the safer we will all be. Continue to communicate for information and safety, but at a distance. Work outdoors where possible. Use own copy of paper drawings. Shared laminated drawings should be disinfected when transferred.

Accidents at work

Only in the most extreme circumstances would it be appropriate to visit a hospital. We must make absolutely sure that we are working with great caution and avoid any risks. Minor cuts etc should be dealt with by the person affected – and the first aid kit disinfected after use. If a second responder is required they should wear a mask and nitrile gloves (provided) whilst administering first aid, and these should be disposed of immediately after the event. If anyone has to be transported, the driver and casualty should wear mask and gloves. Use a company vehicle which are both currently unused and deemed clean. Following the journey they should dispose of their PPE, and go home to wash their clothing and thoroughly wash themselves. 

Breaks and Lunch

Chairs and tables used for eating and tea breaks must be allocated to a single user. Canteen: One person at a time to be in the room. Minimise fridge and cupboard use by not bringing or storing personal provisions. Always disinfect cupboard and fridge door before and after use. Milk bottles must be disinfected before and after use Taps and surfaces cleaned after each use. Mugs, cutlery, crockery and any other kitchen items should be cleaned using the dishwasher provided, with door disinfected after touching. No use of shared towels of any kind. Extra time to perform these tasks is added to the break duration. 


The virus can survive on timber. Individual lay-ups for each carpenter. Timbers to be exchanged between layups should be left for 48 hours without contact before being taken up by a new carpenter. If this is not possible, use gloves or disinfect the timber. 


If anyone has symptoms whilst at work we all leave immediately and self-isolate from the rest of our households according the to the government guidelines Non-compliance Failure to strictly observe all protocols would put everyone at risk. We will all rely on each other’s diligence and common sense. In addition to this incentive of mutual care, non-observance of the rules is a serious disciplinary offence.

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