CITB COVID-19 Survey

We have received the following communication from our colleagues over at CITB – we’d be grateful if you could spend a few moments filing in the survey for them. Many thanks.


We understand that the coronavirus crisis is presenting huge challenges for the industry and keeping up to date with this rapidly changing situation can be difficult.

I’m getting in touch to make sure you are aware of the ways we are supporting business skills needs though these unprecedented times. These support measures include:

CITB 2019 Levy Return Assessment – suspended for 3 months
In recognition of the financial pressures facing businesses we have suspended the issue of the CITB 2019 Levy Assessments (bills), due for payment in 2020, for an initial period of three months. Employers in arrears for prior year assessments should contact CITB to discuss payment options.

Introduction of Remote Training for Site Safety Plus Courses
Remote learning for the above courses is available through many of our Site Safety Plus training centres. The first ever Site Safety Plus remote learning course took place in early April, new courses are being registered every day, contact your local SSP training centre or use the SSP course locator tool to find a suitable date and time for your course.
You can find out more about our core services and support measures for construction employers through the coronavirus crisis and beyond at:

We are also looking to gain an understanding into the challenges and priorities facing construction employers at this time and would really appreciate your insight. To be able to accurately reflect your organisation’s position we would be very grateful if you could complete a short questionnaire by following this link. It should only take a few minutes to complete.

Please be assured that we will not identify individuals or specific organisations when reporting our findings.

If you could confirm back to me that you have completed the questionnaire it would be most appreciated, or if you would like to complete with me over the phone, give me a call.

We wish you well at this incredibly difficult time and if there is any more information and guidance we can provide do let me know.  

Kind regards

Local Manager

T: 07876 217175


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