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Frame ‘17 Rendezvous 25th -31st August – Latest Update


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What it’s all about

At the CF Rendezvous 2017 we will be working alongside the Llys Llewellyn Project. The reconstruction of this early 13th Century Royal Welsh Court will be underway and in its final stages.
The museum intends to use this building when completed as a learning resource for generations of children to come, providing an authentic taste of life in the court of the Welsh kings

We at the CF have designed an oak frame to fit the archaeological evidence. According to the museum’s brief it is based on the aisled form of the contemporary Bishop’s Palace in Hereford (1215)

The original building would have housed the king and his large retinue of relatives, counsellors warriors and followers whenever they were in that part of the country. Llewellyn the King of all Wales would have slept, eaten, held court and conducted his business there.

What we will be doing

At the end of August, we will be making the final components and erecting the frame onto the stone foundations and walls.
Starting anytime after Friday 25th and running up to FRAME the following weekend, CF rendezvous members will be able to participate in the final stages of the process including:

  •  Dovetailing the aisle beams over the double wall plates
  •  Notching for commons
  •  Framing rafter pairs and collars with dovetail halving
  •  Shaping and decorating oak arch corbels
  •  and any other bits yet to be completed

So a combination of fitting timbers on site; laying up, scribing and jointing; shaping and carving. There will also be opportunities to take part in a range of other activities including axe throwing and launching missiles with the CF’s medieval catapult or “Perrier”. So a chance to get your eye in ahead of FRAME 17, as well as enjoying the amenities and facilities that the museum has to offer.

Also taking place, as a training exercise for visitors and for helpers at the museum, will be oak shingle making. CF members will be able either to learn or to teach these techniques, according to their expertise!

We will be based in a camp just outside the perimeter of the museum with a large marquee for eating, meeting and socialising in the evenings where we will also be hosting talks and presentations on various subjects, some associated with the project.
We are fully catered for vegetarians and meat eaters alike with three meals a day, snacks and beverages, a bar and a covered barbecue.


Contact & more info

Contact Tim Potts at the email address below to book your place.

£20 per day fully catered

Camping free

Hope to see you there!