About The OFTF

The Oak Frame Training Forum (OFTF) is a training group which has been formed by The Carpenters’ Fellowship (CF). Its aim is to provide training for those employed within the timber framing industry, with the help of government funding via the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB)

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 OFTF objectives:
  • To provide skills training in oak framing and its associated trades and activities.
  • To provide routes to qualification for those employed within the industry.
  • To provide assistance and support to our members in regard to their training and H&S requirements.
  • To organise building projects that will benefit communities and charitable causes.
  • To organise events with lectures, workshops and seminars and to bring together those involved, directly or indirectly, with timber framing
  • To showcase this form of construction and bring to the attention of the wider construction industry, and the public, the skills and professionalism found within this sector.

If you would like to join us at the OFTF please send the following details to admin@oftf.org.uk





CF Reg Number:


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