Skills & Training Fund FAQs

Skills & Training Fund FAQs for Training Groups

1. When will Training Groups be able to apply for the new funds? Applications for the

Skills & Training fund can be submitted from the 1st April 2022

2. How do we apply for funding? Training Groups can submit a collective bid on behalf of members. An application form will be sent out to GTOs. Guidance for Training Group applications will also be provided to help to guide you through the completion of the form and to outline what is and is not fundable.

3. Do the funds only support training courses? The list of fundable activity includes Grant Eligible Training, wider training and other skills development activity, for further information on what is and is not fundable, please refer to the guidance.

4. Will the funds support Management and Leadership? Yes.

5. Will the funds only support construction related activity? Why? Yes – except for Management & Leadership. The focus is on construction training, because this is in line with CITB’s wider strategy. We can make greater impact on skills gaps and shortages if our investment is focused on construction-specific activity.

6. What do you mean by Innovation? That the training or activity is new to the company applying for the Skills & Training funding and that it will transform the way that they do things.

7. What do you mean by Productivity? Making the business better, for example –

– Helping it to grow

– Helping it to develop

– Helping it to become more efficient

– Helping it to become more profitable

8. How long can funding be for? Funding for projects spanning up to 3 years will be supported, although most projects span 12 months.

9. Once an application has been submitted, can it be changed? Yes, there will be an opportunity for variations, including both changes to time scales and the opportunity to request changes to what’s delivered.

10. How much money is in the budget? £4m for medium sized business (100-250) and £10m for small business (0-99).

11. Are the funds the same? There are some differences between small (0-99) and medium sized companies (100-250). The main differences are:

– Small business can apply for Grant Eligible Training that they have done before

– Medium businesses can only apply for Grant Eligible Training where the training is new to the company (see definitions of productivity and innovation)

For a full list of fundable activity, please refer to the guidance.

12. Can Training Group applications only support GET? No, other training can be included in collective applications; however, it is less likely that there will be a collective need for more specific training. TG members can be included in a collective application for GET and still submit their own application for more specific training needs.

13. How has CITB decided what the scope of the funds will be? Through industry feedback and evaluation of our existing Skills & Training Fund.

14. Can TG members submit their own application for funding as well as being part of the collective TG application? Yes-

– The combined value of their individual bid and their element of the TG collective bid may not exceed the total amount of S&T funding they are eligible to receive.

– If they apply independently for grant eligible training and/or other fundable activity, they may use their funds via the TG to still benefit financially from the negotiated reduced rates.

15. Can employers who have a live S&T fund application receive funds via the TG collective application?

Yes, but they will not be able to claim funding for the same course twice, in their own application and the TG application.

16. Are only companies that are named in the TG application able to receive funds? Yes, only those who are named in and have signed off the application are eligible for training funded through the collective application. If members were not included in the collective application, they are still able to submit their own application, or they can become part of a collective application at a later point via a formal variation (available quarterly).

17. Is the fund only for in scope TG members? Yes, employers must have an up to date levy return and be up to date with payments where applicable.

18. Will eligible medium sized businesses be able to ask the TG to include them in a collective application? Yes, but only when the training meets the criteria for innovation and productivity. For more information, please refer to the guidance.

19. How will payments be made? Payments will be made on a quarterly basis, in advance.

20. Are there any VAT implications if monies go to TGs in this way? This will need to be checked with TGs financial advisors.

21. What if the TG is an ATO? TGs that are ATOs are still able to submit a collective application and can also deliver training, providing that the value for money criteria is met. Please refer to the guidance for more information on value for money.

22. Will there be a specific application for TGs to use? Yes, this will be sent to GTOs.

23. How will the administration support grant be affected? TGs are able to include a request for additional funds to support any extra administrative resource that is seen as necessary in order to successfully deliver the programmes of training set out in the bid. Questions relating to the amount requested and the rationale for the funds are included in the TG S&T application form.

24. What other support is available? Your Local Manager and Advisor are on hand to support you with completing and checking the application. For more information on how they can help, please contact them directly.

There is more information on the CITB website.