CITB Grants and Funding


The CITB have recently changed their grant and funding scheme. Only those companies who are ‘in scope’ (levy payers) with the CITB are eligible for grant funding. Construction companies can register with CITB and once the registration number is obtained they can apply to send their employees onto a SAP course. 


SAPs are developed through partnerships with trade associations, federations and employers in specialist sectors. These apprentice programmes contain all the ingredients for a fully validated apprentice programme leading to a Vocational Qualification (NVQ/SVQ). These new entrant programmes are currently the only source of CITB grant recognised new entrant training for the sectors involved. New entrants must have a full-time contract of direct employment with an in-scope, levy registered employer.

Grant support is paid for SAPs which are now 18-month courses comprising a number of modules leading to the NVQ Level 2 (blue skilled-worker CSCS card level).

The grant package comprises 2 elements:

£60 (Tier 1) or £140 (Tier 2) for each training module achieved is paid to the CITB registered and in-scope company automatically on confirmation of completion by the training provider. The total cumulative value of the modules – up to £1,360 per trainee.

Following successful completion of the NVQ a further grant of £600 is paid to the Employer.

The Employer will be charged £1,000 by OFTF to cover the Assessment for the NVQ but this is off-set by the above payments from CITB ( ie. £1,960 if all training modules are completed) 

A contribution from CITB  to cover training costs is paid directly to the training provider OFTF who fund the tutors, assessors, verifiers, venues, materials and associated trainers etc.


The value of the 25 day SAP programme over 12 months of training and the 6-month assessment is approximately £6,000 per trainee (The grant payment from CITB  covers the costs for in-scope companies)

OFTF will plan to deliver the programme, usually in 5 x one week training sessions spread over 12 months from the induction point.

In the case of a CF member or company not registered with the CITB, the process of training and assessment is the same and the cost to the individual or company is as above. The first instalment will be due on registration and the remainder by agreement with OFTF.  

Basic ground rules

  • The new entrant must have a full-time contract of direct employment with Levy registered employer – min. 30hrs per week.
  • Grant not available to sub-contract labour (even if mentioned on Levy Return) or self-employed
  • The learner must not have been on another CITB grant assisted Apprenticeship at the same VQ level
  • Open to both trade association members and non-members
  • No upper age restriction – 16+ but employer preference tends to be 18+
  • The new entrant must attend all off job modules for the employer to qualify for the ‘framework achievement’ element of the grant
  • the trainee must apply for and obtain a red CSCS Trainee Card during the first month of training
  • The employer must provide on-job supervised training to at least twice the number of off-job days – to be recorded in the learner’s logbook.

Who can be a SAP Trainee?

  • New entrant to the sector (might already have a VQ in another suite of occupations but have not been on a grant-aided Apprenticeship before
    – i.e. career changer). Consider SUP first if available for the occupation
  • New entrant – possibly employed for up to 12 months in the sector but has had no formal training and has not been registered  for an NVQ in the occupation
  • New entrant – someone moving either from within the employer’s company or externally from a different post to become an operative. e.g. from store person to operative or a genuine upskilling/promotional route from labourer to skilled operative- career developer.


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